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Our online store welcomes you to our selection of high quality hygrometers. Our selection of hygrometers is not limited to only a few options as you will have the ability to choose from mechanical and electronic options. Customers enjoy having a selection to choose from as certain options will work better in different locations based on elevations and weather conditions.

Hygrometers are used to measure the relative humidity and can offer advanced warning on whether or not the heat or cold will be more severe due to humidity. You can use hygrometers to help improve growing conditions in greenhouses and more. They are advanced tools that can accompany any weather forecast that you may tune into. We carry a wide selection to choose from which are accurate to a very small percentage of difference.

The high grade materials used to produce the hygrometers that we carry makes the products easy to use and very durable even in extreme weather conditions. It is always a good idea to have a hygrometer to help you understand how the weather can really affect your clothing options for certain days. Many of the hygrometers that we offer on our online store come with other great tools to help you understand the weather.

You can find great deals on the hygrometer options we carry and you will be able to choose options that best suit your geographic and climate conditions. Desert options are best to help predict rain and other weather conditions. Cold climate options help to figure the cool air probability to help you bundle up during the winter and predict snowy conditions and more. Hygrometers such as the ones we offer through our online hygrometer store are the same types used by professional meteorologists!

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All You Should Know About Hygrometers

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A hygrometer is an instrument commonly used to determine the moisture content or the humidity of air. This is a very simple to use tool for measuring the amount of humidity that exists in the atmosphere.


There are many types of hygrometers available in sale nowadays. However, they may be divided into two main categories. They include dry and wet bulb psychrometer and mechanical hygrometer. 

  • Psychrometers consist of two thermometers. One of them measures the temperature in the air, the other is used to determine the drops in temperature and absolute air humidity. Relative humidity is established by comparing the results of the two thermometers. 
  • Electrical hygrometers measure the electrical resistance of a substance, which actually is resistant to electric current depending on the level of humidity. Humidity is determined by comparing temperature at condensation with air temperature.


A hygrometer can either indicate the relative humidity or the absolute humidity, as well as both. Simpler hygrometers will only tell you if the air is dry or damp. Hygrometers are commonly used for weather forecasting, in laboratories, storage areas, manufacturing plants and numerous other fields.

There are many other kinds of hygrometers that use human hair to determine moisture content. They are commonly known as mechanical hygrometers, being based on organic substances contact. The first hygrometer using human hair was built back in 1783, being invented by Swiss physicist and geologist, Horace Benedict. Nonetheless, this wasn’t the first hygrometer ever built. In fact, Leonardo da Vinci is the inventor who has built the first crude hygrometer in the world, back in the 1400s.


What is humidity?

To understand why a hygrometer can be extremely useful for anyone, you first need to know what humidity is. Humidity can be described as the amount of water vapor that exists in the atmosphere, caused by condensation and evaporation. People commonly feel comfortable at a relative humidity between 30 and 60 percent.

For instance, humidity makes hot weather unbearable. This means that high humidity can make hot days even hotter. In the most extreme cases, high humidity can lead to exhaustion and even to heartstroke.


Here are some facts about hygrometers:

  • A hygrometer will measure relative humidity.
  • This device needs some time to produce results, so it may take a couple of hours until delivering accurate information.
  • All hygrometers need to be calibrated before being first used.
  • For accurate results, you should place the hygrometer in the location in which you see the most visible signs of humidity.
  • Do not place your hygrometer near heat sources such as radiators, stoves and heat registers.


Nowadays, electric hygrometers are considered to be the most accurate tools of measuring humidity. They are simple to use and really convenient, so there is no reason why you should not try them, too.

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The Advanatges Of Using A Hygrometer

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A hygrometer is one of the best instruments that can be used nowadays to measure the moisture content or the humidity of air or gas. There are numerous types of hygrometers used today, the best known one being the dry and wet-bulb psychrometer. Different types of hygrometers use human hair or lithium chloride. However, electrical and digital hygrometers are the most popular devices nowadays.

Even though it may seems that using a hygrometer is quite a difficult task, you should know that this device is really simple to use and to understand. When using a hygrometer you may experience a series of advantages, as you can get the desired results easier and much quicker.


1. Time and money saving

When using a hygrometer you will actually have to take only one measurement. This means that you will be able to save a lot of precious time. When you save time, you can easier save money, too. On long term, the savings are actually spectacular. You should also know that this equipment is not expensive at all, so money will be saved at its purchase, too. With a hygrometer you will be able to quickly and effectively measure the level of humidity in various work fields, including here agriculture.


2. Efficiency

Using a hygrometer is much more efficient than any other method of calculating humidity. Work will be simpler and effective. A hygrometer can be used each time you want to measure the amount of humidity present in a certain type of environment. The device can easily inform the user if that particular environment is too dry or maybe too wet.

3. Easy use

Nowadays, you can simply find digital hygrometers in numerous shops. These devices work on batteries, which have to be recharged or replaced in order for your device to be functional. Digital hygrometers can be used by anyone at home. Measuring the level of humidity in your home will:

  • Prevent moss and fungi;
  • Reduce the chances of allergies and respiratory diseases development;
  • Prevent severe damage to your home structure.


Many people can find themselves in the need of a hygrometer and as you already know this kind of device is not only useful in agriculture. For instance, car mechanics can find the hygrometer really helpful in checking specific gravity of the acid in car batteries or antifreeze in a radiator. The device can also be used to measure sugar concentrations in all type of liquids.

Both people and products that they consume everyday can be affected by humidity. Hygrometers, also known as moisture analyzers or humidity sensors, are advanced instruments used to keep moisture at the right amounts. These great gadgets are not very large, they are easy to use and very efficient. They should not be missing from your home, as they can offer numerous benefits to all users.

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Agriculture Is Better With A Hygrometer

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Many people are invested in agriculture and into the proper way in which it is done. However, not all of them know that there are many useful devices on the market through which they can make sure that they have everything they need. The hygrometer is one of these devices, which can prove out to be extremely helpful in agriculture in various ways. It is the device through which you can measure humidity levels, which, in connection to the general temperature, should tell you many useful facts about the way in which you should tend to your plants.

The combination of humidity and temperature can be highly beneficial or highly damaging for the plants and that is why you have to be very careful with it. You may think that there is no way in which you could act to improve these conditions, since they are connected to the environment and not to your actions. However, you could use the device and then start thinking about your options. For example, if the levels issued are too high, then your plants may start suffering from the intensive heat. What you have to do is to opt for cooling actions, such as watering the plants or providing a suitable cover for them. You have to make sure that you know all these facts in a differentiated way. This refers to the agriculture that is done in plain field, the one that is done in a small garden or the one that is done in a glasshouse. The conditions are very different in all these cases and the actions that you can take are also suitable for each individual type of situation.

Agriculture can be a job, a hobby or a way of living. Regardless, doing it in the proper way is very important. With the help of the hygrometer, you can be sure that you are one step ahead in the whole situation and that you are able to tend to all the most important aspects connected to your plants in the proper way. It is important to learn as much as possible about this domain and about the things that can improve results and how to stop the ones which are not. Therefore, start learning first, then gather up all the elements that are needed, such as the hygrometer, and then you can really start on proper agriculture.

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Healthy Usage Of The Hygrometer At Home

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The hygrometer is the one that can help you in finding out information about the level of the humidity in your home, in connection to the value of the temperature and of the shifts that are about to be noted in this case. Many people will wonder why this type of a device is useful for them. The main reason is connected with the fact that this apparatus can insure the fact that you will have a better life, a more healthier one for you and for your family. Therefore, you have to be aware of all the practical usages of it and start thinking about the many ways in which it would fit into the necessities and into the activities of your home.

The first usage of it, which will make it extremely suitable for your home, will be if you have children. This is one of the main requirements, which make this usage mandatory. Doctors have probably told you that the medium in which the babies live is very important for their future development. Allergies and various types of immune system deficiencies can evolve in the early life years, due to the fact that the baby has been kept in an unsanitary environment. By knowing the value of the humidity and of the temperature inside of the house, you will have valuable information on the medium. Therefore, if the temperature is high and the humidity is raising, you will automatically know that this is not the best environment for your babies.

The hygrometer can also be found useful in case you live with a person, regardless of the age, who has many allergies or other types of respiratory problems. Through the help of this device, you will have the elements, which make the air hard to breathe for people with these kind of problems, under your control and you will know when to turn the heat up or to open all the windows, for example. As a result, the hygrometer is one of the elements that can contribute to your general state of health, to the one of your family and mostly to the ones who really need it, such as babies and people with respiratory problems of various kinds. The device will also help you stay clear of all other health problems, such as catching the flu or getting a simple cold, due to the air in your home. 

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Better Conditions For Plants With The Hygrometer

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The hygrometer is the perfect tool for people who grow plants in greenhouses. The usage of this device is connected to the level of the humidity in the greenhouse and to the way in which it shifts due to the temperatures outside. During the summer, the measurement of the temperature and of the humidity in the greenhouse is mandatory. That is why the hygrometer is a must have tool for those looking to grow various types of plants. The variations of temperature, from day to night, in the summer can be rather conflicting and therefore the plants are submitted to a certain level of stress created by the humidity of the greenhouse. The hygrometer can indicate when these parameters are affecting the plants, so that proper actions can be taken.

For all greenhouse owners, the summer is one of the most dreaded seasons. Many of the plants grown cannot be moved outside, due to the fact that they require special conditions in order to develop in the proper way. Even so, the greenhouse can determine a positive or a negative influence on the process. During the day, when the summer sun is at its highest levels in terms of temperature, the greenhouse may create a condensation effect, as the roof is placed under the heat. Therefore, the level of humidity will be greatly increased, which may not be very beneficial for all plants. The hygrometer can show when too high levels are reached and when it is time to take action. After a torrid day, the cool night can bring more shifts of humidity, which can be analyzed in the proper way with the help of the hygrometer.

The greenhouse cannot be a productive space without the necessary tools, such as the hygrometer. Through the functions of the hygrometer, anyone can pinpoint the moments in which actions must be taken for the proper atmosphere in the greenhouse. Measuring the level of the humidity with the help of the hygrometer is one of the most important steps in the proper development of the greenhouse in order to have positive results from the plants grown in it.

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Measure the Humidity in Your Home with a Hygrometer

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Everyone has heard of humidity, but few people know what is the deal with it. Humidity is the amount of moisture or water vapor in the air. This moisture is produced by humans when breathing, by indoor plants, and even by routine household activities such as cooking, showering and doing laundry. If your home has a basement, more moisture can enter your home through it. Humidity is very important for your comfort and health, but too much or too little humidity can have lead to serious problems. This is why it would be best to purchase a hygrometer. A hygrometer is a device which measures the humidity in your home.

Therefore, a hygrometer will show you the relative humidity (RH), indicating the amount of moisture in the air relative to the maximum amount the air can hold at that given temperature. A hygrometer is very beneficial and should exists in every household. Despite the relative humidity not being exactly the same in all the rooms in your home, a good hygrometer will suffice and will indicate the right humidity degree. You should not worry about where to place the hygrometer, since you can put it wherever you want to. If an area in your home shows more obvious humidity symptoms, place the hygrometer there. If you are worried about a certain room, because your family spends a lot of time there or just because you feel that the air feels weird, then you can also put a hygrometer there.

Nevertheless, a hygrometer is so small that it is does not disturb the eye, so you do not have to worry about aesthetic aspects. Moreover, you can move the hygrometer around from time to time, but not too often. You just have to remember not to place the hygrometer near a radiator, chimney or heat register, since direct heat can affect its accuracy. Also, know that the hygrometer needs about two hours to adjust to a new location, therefore it will not provide instant results. If you want to measure the humidity in your home, you could either purchase a mechanical hygrometer or an electronic hygrometer.

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Hygrometer For Botanical Gardens And Glass-Houses

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A hygrometer is a small, but effective tool which measures the humidity level. Easy to use and having a great pricing, a hygrometer is useful from many points of view. It is great to have it in your room and monitor the humidity. You may feel uncomfortable many times, but do not know the cause. An increased or a too low humidity level may affect you. Using a  hygrometer, you will know what to do to adjust it and feel fine. This great device can be used in offices, as well as in any building where people may be affected by the weather and humidity conditions.

Blood pressure variations, nausea, as well as many other symptoms may be caused by an improper humidity level. The hygrometer will monitor it and people will know what to do to protect themselves. A hygrometer is also useful for people suffering from respiratory problems. With the help of this device, will be able to take the right measures and their health will be improved again. Using a hygrometer is also useful in botanical gardens or in a glass-house. Humidity is vital for plants, but it depends on each plant species. A low or an increased humidity level can affect them.

People can also use if for the plants in their house. There are more sensitive plants which need a permanent humidity monitoring and a hygrometer is perfect for that. It can also be used for many things such as checking the humidity when building a house, for painting the walls, predicting the weather, so is very useful. There are many hygrometer manufacturers, so prices and diversity are amazing. People can choose what is better for them and for their needs. The cost of a hygrometer is not high. Using it, many will improve their health and have better lives. There are also dial and digital models, so clients can choose what they want. It is incredible how such a small device can be used for so many things.

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The Hygrometer – A Must For Greenhouses

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If you are planning to open a greenhouse, either for business or for your personal use, we strongly recommend that you include a professional hygrometer among the devices that you will purchase. The hygrometer is a very important tool for any greenhouse developer due to the fact that it indicates the degree of humidity in the place where it is located. Any person who has taken care of plants before will know that humidity levels can have a massive effect on the correct functions and growing capabilities of any plant. Thus, measuring the humidity levels with the help of a hygrometer is mandatory. 

Opening a greenhouse will require a rather large investment. However, if you want to make a great harvest and to take out some profit out of this situation, you have to invest your money in top quality equipments. Sprinklers, seeds, pots and so on are very important for the plant growing process, even if we are talking about vegetables, flowers or fruits. In addition to all these basic elements, the hygrometer is one of the biggest helpers you will have. The humidity levels of your greenhouse shift throughout the day due to the degrees of temperature outside, which reflect on the inside. In addition to this factor, the location of your greenhouse may also trigger different humidity shifts. For example, if it is located in open field and the rays of the sun fall directly on the greenhouse roof throughout the day, the humidity levels will be different than in the case of one placed in the shadow or a more remote area. Thus, the hygrometer will provide you with the accurate information about this topic. Having seen what the hygrometer indicates, you will be able to know when it is the right time to water the plants for example.

The hygrometer is a very important additional device to your greenhouse. No matter if you are building a greenhouse for flowers or plants, if you are going to use them for personal purposes or for business, the hygrometer will the best ally to have in the growing process.

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The Importance of Owning a Hygrometer

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If we stay long enough inside the house, we may start to feel uneasy, without really knowing why. Even if medical results show that you do not have any problems, one of the reasons might be the varying humidity in the room. This is one of the reasons why you should use a hygrometer. A hygrometer is a small instrument that is used for measuring the moisture content in the environmental air, or humidity. From calculation based on physical principles, or by calibration with a reference standard, these measured quantities can lead to a measurement of humidity. More modern types of hygrometer use temperature of condensation, or changes in the electrical resistance to measure humidity changes.

The hygrometer is a small, but precise device that provides you with important information, not only with the degree of humidity, but also information on weather. Therefore, you will know exactly how to dress according to the weather outside, with the help of the hygrometer. You will see that once you will start using the hygrometer, you will feel a lot better and you will be healthier. There are several types of hygrometer that you can choose from. The metal hygrometer appears most often in very inexpensive devices. Their accuracy is very limited. In this type of hygrometer, humidity is absorbed by a paper impregnated with salt, attached to a metal coil, causing it to change shape. Another type of hygrometer is the electronic one. Besides being the most reliable type of hygrometer, it is also the most accurate. The temperature is controlled by a chip inside the hygrometer. Thus, humidity is immediately adjusted.

Owning a hygrometer is great not only for you, but also for your plants. If you did not know it, they too are influenced by the variations in humidity. The hygrometer is a useful tool, especially when you are suffering from respiratory problems, such as asthma or lung diseases such as pneumonia. The most important thing is to know how to correctly calibrate the hygrometer, in order to benefit from a cleaner, fresher breath of air.

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Hygrometer Importance

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Sometimes we may feel uncomfortable, but we do not know the real cause. It can be almost anything and even if the results of the medical tests show no problem, you still do not feel better. One of the causes that makes you feel this way, is the various humidity in your room or home. To find out if there is too much or not enough humidity, use a hygrometer. A hygrometer is a small device that tells you precise results. The results given by the hygrometer will show you what you should do, so use it without, is is very useful. Studies have proved that many people could not explain why they felt strange, but after using a hygrometer, they found out which was their problem.

This small, but precise device, provides you important information about weather, so you will know how to dress and to take or not your umbrella with you. Weather forecasts are not always right, but with a hygrometer, you will find out immediately how is the weather in your area. Respiratory problems  are sometimes caused by a lower or higher level of humidity, so a hygrometer is great for that, too. Kids are even more sensitive at humidity variations, but with a hygrometer, you will know to buy a humidifier or to do something else.

Headaches, blood pressure problems as well as a strange mood can be solved with a hygrometer. This device is small, it can be put anywhere, so you will not need a huge space for that. You should use it for about two hours to make sure the humidity is stable and you will find out the right results given by the hygrometer. It is very recommended to use it also in hospitals to know what to do to make patients feel as comfortable as possible or in the room where your baby sleeps. You will prevent the dangers and will find out the mysterious cause of the unpleasant way you were feeling. You can be a sensitive person at weather variations, but now you have found the answer.

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